Are you good at dealing with interpersonal disputes?

If someone is looking for trouble, what kind of reaction do you usually have?

  1. Apologize to the other party, and let the rest of the people
  2. Struggle with the other party, do not hesitate to do it.
  3. Explain to the other party in a low-profile manner that this is a misunderstanding
  4. Escape

Test results:

  1. You are the kind of person who has no confidence in his personal relationships. For you, half of the words are interrupted, and even being transferred to the topic is simply something that cannot be tolerated. You feel that it is a shame to be treated like this.
  2. Regardless of the strength of the other side, you must be someone who is quite confident about your strength. Because of your self-confidence, you can justifiably argue with each other. If you can’t come to a conclusion, you will be hard-pressed to protect your rights. In fact, in our real life, many things can be solved without fighting.
  3. You know how to resolve disputes, and you won’t be wronged. Therefore, you will resolve the contradiction on the grounds of misunderstanding. Because you know that the fight can’t solve the problem.
  4. Escape is a way to resolve interpersonal disputes, but it encourages each other’s’ momentum. Your solution to this problem does not really solve the problem. Once you are in a state of hostility, you will be very anxious. You are not very good at solving interpersonal relationships.