Make Your Business Technology Training More Effective

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  • May 12, 2017
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As technology continues to advance, we are using it more often to get things done. Some of things we need to get done can also revolve around technology itself. Things such as securing data, and protecting intellectual properties is now another thing we must be ready for. When preparing your staff to understand the importance of their job as protectors of this information, you must present the knowledge in an effective way. Physical training works whether you are engaged or not. Mentally, you might not be present for the information, but the results are there because you are connecting where it matters. Business technology training needs connection where it matters as well. The key to making your technology training effective is to make it interesting, relatable, and realistic. 


In the past, we may have been able to show a bunch of words on a screen, or hand out pamphlets and still convey information. The reason these methods were effective is because there was nothing else to compare them to. They were the norm. Today, the norm is more fast-paced. The norm is funny, it’s trendy, and it’s exciting. That’s the way we have programmed ourselves to learn now. The new way to learn is not just at home or school, but also at work. Companies have to get on board with this new way, in order to train their employees. Surveys have shown that data security in general has remained boring, and it is hard to retain information if it doesn’t hold our attention. Companies now have to change the way they put their staff through training in order to get more successful outcomes. If you are interested in making your information security training more effective, you should visit a site like


One thing that is important about training is for an employee to be able to see themselves in the situation they are learning about. They can see themselves sitting at the desk, they can witness how and why data breaches happen, and they can see the possibilities in the scenario. Once their interest is held, they will learn the ways to avoid the situation. It won’t feel like training to the employee, but more like entertainment. They will be learning as well, and they won’t mind at all. 


Training should be about potential dangers or any real case situations. Employees must be able to watch the training and see that breaches can start really simple. If there is a need to escalate it, you can show that in steps. You might lose your audience if you introduce a worst-case scenario, because the employee is thinking it’s less likely to happen. If the scenario probably won’t happen, the employee won’t feel it’s necessary to learn the key information. 
There is training for everything. As technology continues to advance, we will continue to train to stay on top of technology. In order to keep your employees on top of securing your company’s technology you will need to provide training that is interesting, relatable, and realistic.